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Louis XIV French 17th Century gilt carved wood picture frame In need of restoration, but generally for age - good condition.

Possibly Frenchoverall 22.5" x 26.25" , 4" thick, and inner aperture 13.25" x 17" Late 18th Century double sweep, French picture frame with no slip frame, large format, shabby chic or for restoration, for oil paintings or watercolours dating around 1790.

His daughter, Frances Cranfield, married the future 5th Earl of Dorset in 1637 and it was through this marriage that Copt Hall came into the possession of the Earls of Dorset following the death of the 3rd Earl of Middlesex in 1674.

These early frames were joined at the corners with a lap joint, with the frame sides overlapping at the corners, but by the early 18th century, the mitre joint had become universal, with the corners cut diagonally and joined by a key on the reverse side of the frame.

It was cheaper to produce ornament by pressing a pliable material, such as papier-mâché or compo, in a mould, and then setting it on a wooden framework.

Papier-mâché was first used in this way in the 17th century.

Finally in June 1701 the estate was sold and the contents moved to Knole.